DMCC Gaming Centre leverages the gaming industry in the MENA region.
  • May 26, 2023

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center, also known as the DMCC, has opened a gaming centre to leverage the $1.8 billion gaming industry in the MENA region. This industry is expected to grow to $5 billion by 2025. The gaming industry is rapidly expanding in the region, and DMCC is leading the way with more than 50 gaming companies.

With the launch of the Gaming Centre, the DMCC has established a thriving community and infrastructure. This allows gaming enterprises to thrive and gain access to key players in the industry.

DMCC - Global Free zone of the Year

DMCC is the global leader in Free Zones and a government-run authority for international commodities trading. It has been designated the Financial Times FDi magazine's 'Global Free Zone of the Year' 8 times. It is home to a growing community, imaginative infrastructure, world-class utilities, and a stunning selection of properties.

According to the official website of the DMCC, today, it serves as a dedicated global hub for over 22,000 businesses from industries and sectors ranging from agriculture, energy, and financial services to diamonds, gold, and base metals.

The Launch of the Gaming Center

The DMCC Gaming Centre was officially launched during the Dubai Esports Festival in November 2022. It is located in the heart of Dubai, in the centre of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers district.

Aim of Launching the Gaming Center

The DMCC's award-winning free zone aims to provide easy accessibility to a growing community of videogame industry peers and open up more innovative avenues for collaboration. Gaming enterprises who want to broaden their international reach and interact with fans worldwide will benefit from DMCC's fully digital setup process, world-class infrastructure, and dedication to ease of doing business. 

Furthermore, each member will receive financial backing from YaLLa Esports, a well-established esports organization in the United Arab Emirates and DMCC ecosystem partner. 

Members will also be able to participate in velocity and market entry programs uniquely tailored to the gaming industry. These programs are provided by AstroLabs, a high-rated tech ecosphere developer in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). 

ZK Advancer and The Sandbox Metaverse, and a partnership with venture capital companies, will provide members of the gaming centre with access to $150 million in funding through their accelerator programs.

With more companies entering the blockchain gaming space, it is an ideal time to formalise our efforts through the opening of the DMCC Gaming Centre. As a result of this facility, Dubai will become a global hub for gaming, e-sports, and other forms of entertainment.

Gaming and E-Sports Licence Activities under DMCC Licence

1. Academy\Development\Publishing 

2. Services for Content Production Engine Operation Studio Industry Research Consultancy 

3. Online Community Management Service 

4. League Operator Data & Analytics Services 

5. League Operator Data & Analytics Services 

6. Platform for Event Management, Online Publication

7. Platform for Event Management, Online Publication 

8. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Key Features and Benefits for Members

1. Full ownership for foreign investors and repatriation of profits to their home country without restrictions. 

2. Networking Opportunities. The DMCC has 21k member companies from over 180 countries and more than 20 business sectors. 

3. Exclusive access to DMCC's Crypto Center Ecosystem will provide gaming companies crucial exposure to technologies like Crypto, the Metaverse, or Web3 technologies. 

4. The DMCC has reduced excruciating paperwork and red tape. It has offered a one-stop solution for all gaming companies and their various stages of incorporation and working.

5. Immense flexibility with the business structure where gaming companies can operate as a branch, a subsidiary or a Limited Liability Company. 

6. DMCC's office space is also top-notch, with plug-in FLezi desks and multi-story serviced offices up for lease and sale.

7. Access to DMCC's Knowledge Series, an exclusive platform for systematic and structured lectures, workshops and seminars. Industry experts will give these lectures and cover a broad spectrum of subjects, including gaming and cryptocurrency.

Why should Gaming Companies Choose UAE?

According to a RedSeer study, the Middle East and North Africa gaming economy is expected to grow by 19% and become a USD 5 billion industry by 2025. Due to the high gaming penetration, Saudi Arabia and the UAE lead industry growth in the MENA region. It has been estimated that nearly 64% of online adult males and 58% of online females play digital games in the UAE.