Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa

Dubai is one of the safest cities to live in the world. If you want to make this city your new home to spend your golden years in, you can now do so with the Retirement Visa!

The UAE government has announced a Retirement Visa to allow retired individuals to live and work in the country.

The Retirement Visa is a long-term visa valid for 5 years and will allow eligible individuals to sponsor their spouse and children (schooling students) as well.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for a Retirement Visa?

When applying for a Retirement Visa, the individual must be at least 55 years of age. Besides this, the individual will have to fulfill at least one of the following financial criteria:

Have AED 1 million in savings in a 3-year fixed deposit.

Have a sustainable income of at least AED 180,000 a year or AED 15,000 per month.

Have AED 1 million in unmortgaged property or in mortgaged property for which the payment to date is at least 1 million.

The Retirement Visa can be renewed after 5 years if the above-mentioned criteria continue to be met.

Can I apply for the Retirement Visa without a health insurance policy upfront?

You can apply for the Retirement Visa without having a medical insurance plan upfront as after approval, you will be asked to conduct a medical test.

You will then be asked to choose a medical insurance plan that will suit your needs best. Moreover, you can also use your existing international insurance provided that you submit a letter from the insurance company stating that the insurance coverage include the UAE post the issuance of the visa.

How can I apply for a Retirement Visa in the UAE?

You can apply for the Retirement Visa in the UAE from anywhere in the world. All you will need to do is get in touch with our experts at Ascent Partners.

With over 70+ years of collective experience in the industry, our experts are here to guide you throughout the process of applying for your visa so you can rest assured as we get the work done for you.

To apply for your Retirement Visa and emigrate to Dubai, contact us at Ascent Partners today!

Your dream life in the city of superlatives is just a few clicks away. Get in touch with us at or at 04 422 7339 to know more!

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