flexi desks in Dubai, UAE
  • December 21, 2022

The UAE has experienced unprecedented growth in attracting startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. As more freelancers and entrepreneurs establish their ventures, there is a demand for office space in prime locations. So, flexi desks are a cost-effective choice for startups and freelancers than renting an entire office. 


Co-working spaces are available in potential business centers and numerous locations across the UAE. 


What is a Flexi desk?

Flexi-desks are a shared office structure, ideal for startups and freelancers, with cost-effective plans. It is possible to pay rent monthly or daily based on the number of team members. 


As co-working spaces are totally outfitted, reducing the costs related to rent, furnishings, and other IT support systems. 


With a practical correspondence address for business, it puts the company in a position to start working right away. The flexi desk offices are the easiest ways to function the business.


Reasons to Work in Flexi desks

Flexi desks offer multiple facilities ranging from meeting rooms, work desks, high-speed internet, and cafes to 24-hour location access, secure lockers, and ample parking.


The price of flexi workstations varies depending on the business setup area. Many Dubai free zones offer packages for overhead, initial investment, and on-demand facilities to support entrepreneurs. However, each free zone has different policies for Flexi-desk options.


With a Flexi-desk, entrepreneurs and team can bring laptop and start working at the desk available. Some free zones allow to book dedicated desks for the team in the co-working space. 


Why choose a Flexi-desk in the UAE?

In Flexi-desks, run the business with a physical address for legal obligations at any prime location along with essential office facilities. However, a Flexi desk may not be enough to apply for a business or corporate bank account.  


The most attractive part of a flexi-desk is its low initial price and flexible costs. Many Dubai free zones offer packages with little overhead, little initial investment, and on-demand use of commercial facilities to support these micro companies. The price of Flexi workstations varies depending on the business setup area. 


Flexi Desk Locations to Consider

Some free zones that have options  with affordable packages to kick start your business at a low cost and bootstrap the business with minimal expenditure are



2. Meydan Free Zone

3. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone


How can Ascent Partners help?

Ascent Partners is a boutique consultancy providing bespoke, end-to-end solutions from Company formation to VAT Consultancy, Accounting, and Bookkeeping services for entrepreneurs looking to set up their next venture in the UAE. We work alongside you to strategise, startup, and scale your business in Dubai.

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