Golden Visa: UAE to Become Global Hotspot for Residency Through Investment in 2023
  • February 15, 2023

The UAE has become a favourable hub for investors for the second year, with over 150,000 golden visas issued to citizens from different sectors of the country.  


With the surging interest in commercial investments and high-end businesses, the UAE retains its position as the top hub in the global citizenship ranking.


Perhaps, over the past 20 years, the Emirates has accounted for 41 per cent of Arab FDI projects. The stable and robust economic development with unique investment visa programs for entrepreneurs and foreign investors to reside legally will attract further investment to strengthen the country's FDI rates. Recently, the minimum investment required for a Golden visa has been reduced, which pushed the government to maintain its position as a residency through an investment hub in the world.


The visa reformations, including the Golden visa for other categories, attract the best talents to shape the future economy of the UAE. The population of the UAE surpassed 3.2 million in 2022 and is forecast to reach 5.8 million by 2040. 


Reasons to choose Dubai

The recent initiative by the Dubai government- Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), is one of the highly progressive plans for the economy over the next decade.  

With more than 100 transformational projects, Dubai develops programmes to scale the total FDI contribution to reach AED 650 billion over the next ten years. For investors, Dubai is an exceptional place to live and do business, with political and economic stability, a thriving business ecosystem, and high standards of living adding to its appeal. The country is also an attractive location for crypto, digital, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors. One of the most compelling reasons is the well-established business community that support new entrepreneurs and startup enterprises in setting up their business.


UAE Golden Visa 

The golden visa, introduced in 2019, offers a self-sponsored residency permit for five or ten years, allowing visa holders to sponsor their family, including spouses, children, and relatives. Moreover, visa holders can stay outside the UAE for longer than six months to keep their residence visa valid.


Benefits of UAE Golden Visa via Investments

- Sponsor your family 

- Register assets without restrictions

- Ease of travel outside the UAE

- Long-term residency with a renewal option

- Driver's Licence

- Sponsor unlimited domestic helpers


Golden Visa through Real Estate Investment

As the UAE opens a gateway to the world's fastest-growing markets, ensuring governance, the latest technology, innovation and rapid growth, investors choose real estate investment to get long-term residency. 

Real estate investors or individual buyers who own one or more properties of a minimum gross value of not less than AED 2 million can apply for a Golden Visa. The rise of HNWIs in the UAE increases overseas investors' demand for be-spoke ultra-luxury properties. Perhaps, the real estate sector achieved a substantial hike with a total of 122,658 real estate transactions worth AED528 billion in 2022. 


The property investment for Golden Visa must be either a residential or off-plan property. If the property is a mortgage, a NOC letter from the bank stating the payment and remaining amount is required. 


Golden Visa through Business Investment

Over the last 20 years, the UAE has accounted for 41 per cent of Arab FDI projects. As an ideal location for the business setup, the UAE offer an attractive, stable economy for entrepreneurs and global investors. 


Moreover, entrepreneurs who own a company with a valid commercial or industrial license (other trade licenses are not approved) and a capital investment of not less than AED 2 million are eligible for Golden Visa for ten years. Applicants must submit a valid trade license with the MoA (Memorandum of Association) of their company and a letter from the Federal Tax Authority stating that the investor pays at least AED 250,000 annually. 


If the company is under any free or special trade zone, applicants must submit a relevant certificate from the authorities. 


Golden Visa through Capital Investment 

Investors who own the invested capital may be granted a Golden Visa for ten years without a sponsor by submitting a letter from relevant authorities stating that the investor's capital is not less than AED 2 million. The Golden Visa is a way to make investments with a residency in the UAE and gives you a lot of extra benefits that further support you as an investor.

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