Know UAE Freezones: Dubai Design District (D3)
  • November 22, 2023

Know UAE Freezones: Dubai Design District (D3)

The UAE has long served as a significant trade and business centre, and its free zones' development has been essential to the nation's drive for economic expansion and diversification. Dubai Design District (D3) stands out among the several dynamic free zones in the country committed to fostering creativity and assisting the design sector. D3, founded in 2013, has swiftly gained recognition as a top destination for designers, artists, and creatives across various fields.

The D3 was purposefully created to offer a specialised place encouraging innovation, teamwork, and creativity across multiple design fields, developing economic expansion and luring top talent from around the globe.

Location and Facilities

D3's prime position in the centre of Dubai, next to Dubai Creek and Business Bay, provides quick access to the city's most important locations. The district has a well-planned infrastructure tailored to the design industry's needs with distinctive design and architecture. It offers an environment for creative professionals to live, work, and display their talents.

Types of Business Setup

D3 freezone is under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Development Authority (DDA), offering the option for businesses to obtain dual licences:

1. Freezone Licence under the DDA

2. Mainland Licence under the Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET)

Business Licences Available in D3 Freezone

1. Commercial licence

2. Industrial/Manufacture licence

3. Services licence

4. Freelancer licence

Advantages of Setting up in Dubai Design District

- Tailored for Creative & Design Businesses: D3's specialised infrastructure, which includes design studios, creative spaces, and state-of-the-art showrooms, is tailor-made to meet the requirements of design-oriented businesses.

- Full Foreign Ownership: Like other UAE free zones, D3 allows foreign investors to own their businesses fully, providing an attractive environment for international creative professionals.

- Tax Benefits: Companies operating within D3 benefit from tax exemptions, including zero corporate and personal income taxes and zero import and export duties.

- Intellectual Property Protection: The UAE offers robust intellectual property protection, safeguarding the ideas, designs, and creations of individuals and businesses in D3.

- Networking and Collaboration: D3 connects designers, artists, and creative enterprises to interact, share ideas, and create a vibrant community that promotes development and success.

- Access to Local and Global Markets: D3's strategic location in Dubai provides businesses access to a diverse local market and serves as a gateway to regional and international markets.

- Business Support Services: D3 offers business support services, including streamlined company registration, visa processing, and administrative assistance.

- in5 Design: The innovation centre supports emerging talent and startups in the design industry, providing them with opportunities for investor engagement, mentorship, and access to collaborative co-working spaces. 

Business Sectors in Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District caters to a wide range of design-related industries, including but not limited to:

- Fashion and Apparel Design

- Architecture and Interior Design

- Industrial Design

- Graphic Design and Visual Communication

- Digital Design and Multimedia

- Fine Arts and Contemporary Art

- Photography and Videography

- Jewelry and Accessories Design

Dubai Design District has attracted several major international and regional design firms and creative studios since its beginning. Moreover, it conducts various events, exhibitions, and fashion shows like the Dubai Design Week every year. It brings together designers, artists, and design fans worldwide to experience the state of the art in multiple fields.


Dubai Design District has established itself as a lively centre for creativity, innovation, and top-tier design with its convenient location, world-class infrastructure, and commitment to providing a supportive and collaborative ecosystem. The freezone has become a favoured destination for enterprises and creative employees in deciding the direction of the regional design sector and securing Dubai's future as it grows and thrives.

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