Know UAE Freezones: Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • October 03, 2023

Know UAE Freezones: Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)


Free zones have become potent engines of economic expansion and diversification in the modern United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) stands out as a vibrant centre for technology and innovation among the top free zones in the United Arab Emirates.  

DSO, founded in 2004 with an objective to construct a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes technological development, research, and invention, placing Dubai as a major global centre for technology and innovation.


Infrastructure and Setting

DSO is one of the largest technology parks in the area and is well-situated in the centre of Dubai, making it convenient to reach important routes like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Dubai International Airport. Modern office spaces, cutting-edge laboratories, cutting-edge research facilities, and first-rate amenities are all part of the DSO infrastructure specifically created to fulfil the demands of tech companies.


Benefits of Setting up in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Full Foreign Ownership: Like other UAE free zones, DSO allows foreign investors to completely own their businesses without needing a local partner.

Tax Incentives: Companies operating in DSO enjoy a tax-free environment, including exemption from corporate and personal income taxes.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: DSO offers a well-developed infrastructure with high-speed internet connectivity, advanced telecom services, and reliable utility provisions.

Business Support Services: DSO provides business support services and facilities, including offices, warehouses, industrial lands, retail units, and conference halls. 

Intellectual Property Protection: Companies in DSO benefit from robust intellectual property laws and enforcement mechanisms, safeguarding their innovations and patents.

Collaborative Ecosystem: The tech park's ecosystem encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among companies, startups, and entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and growth.

Access to Talent: DSO's proximity to educational institutions and research centres allows businesses to access a skilled and diverse talent pool.

Business Sectors in Dubai Silicon Oasis

DSO has attracted many IT firms, startups, and large global enterprises. SAP, Western Digital, Synopsys, AMD, Fujitsu, and many up-and-coming IT firms are just a few of the well-known brands. DSO primarily focuses on technology-driven industries, including:

1. Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing

2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services

3. Software Development

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

6. Blockchain Technology

7. Clean and Green Technology

8. Research and Development (R&D) Centers

Type of Business Structures at DSO:

1. Branch

2. Free Zone establishment (FZE)

3. Free Zone Company (FZCO)

A minimum startup capital requirement of AED 100,000 is required for FZE & FZCO. 

Business Licences

These are the available operating licences in Dubai Silicon Oasis:

• A service licence enables a registered organisation to perform just certain services.

• A trade licence enables the registered entity to engage in operations relating to importing, exporting, and distributing commodities and merchandise as permitted by the licence.

• An industrial licence entitles the registered firm to import raw materials, manufacture and process them, and assemble, package, and export the final goods.

Special Licences available in Dubai Silicon Oasis:

1. Business Operation authorization: This is a unique authorization for businesses using a Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) licence to conduct business in the Administrative Zone of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA).

2. Entrepreneurial Business Licence(EBL): An EBL licence is intended to support young entrepreneurs to launch their companies through various services and resources. 


Dtec- Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship support

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a range of programs, workshops, and events to support the expansion of startups and small enterprises to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture. Dtec is a globally renowned startup hub with hundreds of innovative startups from over 70 nations, providing cutting-edge facilities and services to nurture and empower technology startups and enterprises.



Dubai Silicon Oasis has become a well-known technological centre, substantially contributing to Dubai's transition to a knowledge-based economy. Technology-focused businesses worldwide continue to be drawn to DSO by its cutting-edge infrastructure, business-friendly regulations, and persistent dedication to innovation. Dubai Silicon Oasis significantly shape the future of technology and innovation to maintain its position at the forefront of technological development.