Free Zone Setup in Dubai's Premium Location!

Meydan Free Zone is a cost-effective business solutions provider to help entrepreneurs and businesses to set up their company within this Free Zone.

Located 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, Meydan Free Zone offers ample benefits for over 1,500 business activities.

Working to empower a business with a strong connectivity to the world of business and innovation, Meydan Free Zone is increasingly becoming one of the most popular Free Zones for businesses and investors to invest in.


What makes Meydan an ideal place for investors?

Meydan Free Zone offers streamlined solutions, such as the following, that makes it an ideal place for investors and businesses.

  • Located in the heart of Dubai
    Located in the heart of Dubai, Meydan Free Zone provides cost-effective services to help businesses thrive.
  • World-class vibrant community
    Due to its strategic location, Meydan Free Zone offers entrepreneurs access to a world-class vibrant community. It also offers networking opportunities that entrepreneurs can utilize to scale their business.
  • Providing entrepreneur-ready services
    Meydan Free Zone also offers cost-effective startup business options and services. Meydan Free Zone also allow entrepreneurs to choose from over 1,500 business activities.
  • Working towards empowering business
    Dubai provides a unique global platform and resources for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. It encourages small and medium businesses to innovate and work towards building the future. Meydan Free Zone also empowers business to grow and collaborate with regular networking events.
  • Office facilities
    With state-of-the-art technology and real-estate provisions, Meydan Free Zone also offers 24/7 office facilities.
  • Digital Banking Platform
    Meydan Free Zone also offers a 100% digital account with zero minimum balance through the Wio, a digitally integrated banking platform, available after the company formation.
  • Over 1,500 business licence activities
    Meydan Free Zone allows companies to choose from a list of over 1,500 business activities!

What type of Free Zone licences are offered by Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone offers three types of licences that cover over 1,500 business activities. These include:

  • Consulting licence
    With this type of licence, one can carry out consulting activities such as management, human resources, consultancy, business and other professional services.
  • Commercial licence
    A commercial licence allows one to carry out activities including import/export, trading and distribution of different types of goods and services.
  • Media licence
    With a media licence, one can start a business in the media, advertising and communication spheres.
Trade licence cost starting from 12,500 AED with net banking services

How can Ascent Partners help?

Ascent Partners provides bespoke business setup solutions for those looking to set up their next venture in Dubai.

With over 70+ years of collective experience in mainland, Free Zone, offshore and ADGM SPV business set up, we work alongside you to help you strategise and start up so you can focus on scaling your business.

We clearly work towards understanding your requirements and offer reliable consultation that can help you make an efficient choice.

Be it visa services or choosing the right jurisdiction for your company, with Ascent Partners, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Services we offer

Quick and easy business incorporation
With Ascent Partners, you can avail quick and easy business incorporation services that can enable entrepreneurs seamlessly set up their company within this Free Zone. Establish your company in one of the most vibrant Free Zones with Ascent Partners, with incorporation starting from AED 12,500.
Free Zone company licence and registration
Be in 100% control of your business! Get in touch with us today and we help you choose the best path!
Mainland company licence
Maximise your UAE market reach! Contact us now to know more about obtaining this licence.
Create a Special Purpose Vehicle in the heart of Abu Dhabi with our premium service. Contact us to know more about setting up an ADGM SPV!
Dedicated phone number and answering services
Get your business out there with the right phone number for your company and dedicated phone answering services. Contact Ascent Partners to get your unique number today!
Corporate bank account services
Wondering which corporate plan would be the right one for your business? Get in touch with us at Ascent Partners to make the right choice.
VAT registration
Free Zones, that are not identified as Designated Zones, would require to apply for VAT registration. We, at Ascent Partners, take care of these aspects for you.
Visa processing services
Get all visas processed seamlessly with Ascent Partners. Contact us and rest assured as we will get the job done.
ESR services
Specific industries require businesses to be ESR compliant. At Ascent Partners, we provide the right guidance and help ensure that your business is compliant with the laws of the land.
UBO registration service
Companies must create a UBO (ultimate beneficiary owner) registry with details concerning the actual beneficiary. This would also have to be updated regularly. Our experts at Ascent Partners are here to guide you.
GoAML registration
The GoAML platform, launched by UAE’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), helps prevent money laundering and other illicit financial activities. We, at Ascent Partners, help secure your finances with the right guidance from our experienced GoAML Officer.
Residency and Dependent visa services
With a Meydan Free Zone licence, one can also apply for their residency visa as well as apply for a visa for their dependents with the Free Zone. Ascent Partners ensures a smooth process when applying for this licence and visa. Contact us for more details.
VAT registration
According to UAE law, any company whose taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000 per annum will have to register for VAT. Ascent Partners helps you register for VAT seamlessly.
ESR comprehensive assessment
Ascent Partners can also help assist in the audit for one’s business activities and provide the ESR assessment to the Ministry of Finance.
Quick issue of company documents
With quick issue of documents, one can rest assured and say goodbye to those long wait times. Contact Ascent Partners for more details today!
Medical and Emirates ID services
Ascent Partners also assists to provide a hassle-free process when applying for medical or Emirates ID services. Contact us to know more.
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