• February 18, 2022

Temporary work permits—which were initially limited to certain categories of employees including doctors and engineers—has now been opened to all workers, according to a Labour Ministry official.

This move is quite beneficial for employees throughout the Emirate. All employees, who have been made temporarily redundant by their sponsors, can join other employers for six months, for unlimited times but with different employers each time they change jobs, the official informed. Previously, temporary work was allowed once to professionals with rare specialisations and for six months.

According to the official, the following charges will be levied for the transition that would have to be borne by the new employee; however, it is important to know that the amount would differ based on the company category:

·         AED 1,000 for Category A companies

·         AED 2,000 for Category B companies

·         AED 3,000 for Category C companies

Companies are categorised based on their abidance by Emiratisation and other common labour rules.

What are the conditions for availing this facility?

The following conditions would have to be met when availing this facility:

·         An employee will need to get their employer’s consent to change jobs

·         The employee should have a valid labour card and residence visa

·         The charges for the transition, as mentioned above, would have to be borne by the new employer

This move would help the Ministry understand each company’s actual requirement for workers and if any companies would need to apply for more work permits.

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